Personal Challanges: Writing

Writing has been always challenging for me because I never felt fully informed about a topic to be able to write or even talk about it. I didn´t have enough knowledge to express my thoughts through words. I couldn´t make fancy sentences and impress people. I could never publish an essay and share it with others. But the truth is, I have never tried and it´s been always the perfectionism that prevented me to create a piece of art, to write a single word in a diary, or to draw a straight line on a paper. I have been so focused on what if I can´t make it perfect. And I have been so shy and afraid to make an extra step for myself.

I remember a night when I was in college, I started to write poems. I needed desperately to relieve my mind and get rid of the chaotic thoughts. So I started writing. The feeling of being done with those thoughts at that moment was extremely satisfying. It was the first time I discovered the healing power of writing even through sadness. At another time, I wrote new poems full of love and compassion about a person I truly cared about. Writing with happiness was a new way of calming my mind and using the chaos in my head to create a meaningful piece of work that I am proud to share on my blog today. However, this journey didn´t take long and I stopped writing.

Recently I have come across an amazing Youtuber called Ali Abdaal. I have been watching his videos about entrepreneurship and how to create a career. In one of his videos, he mentioned how writing changed his life, and made him a millionaire. I am not quite sure whether the videos I watched affected me so much, or the fact that I experienced the meditative effect of writing, but I have come to the idea that I have to change some things in my life, so I decided to start my writing journey with this personal blog.

I want to use my blog as a bullet journal to see how much progress I will make and change by opening up myself through the power of writing. I believe that documenting my life and sharing it online will contribute to keep on going and in the end, achieve my goals. It will also encourage me to be more active in my everyday life and experience more of life so that I can keep posting. I will be sharing with you my challenges, improvements, life from my point of view, the habits I want to add to my life, the things that helped me to be a better self, and more. The purpose is to get better by experimenting. I am already excited about how it will turn out!

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