Hey there,

as an extra-introvert person, I am passionate and excited about opening up myself more to the world and creating a path that I will follow happily every day. I start my journey with the act that I have been always avoiding since today: WRITING. Whether it´s through writing an online journal, reading books, or finding a new skill, my new mission is to discover my true self and my passions to fulfill my life. During this journey, extra-introvert will be my personal bullet journal to document the progress I made through the power of writing.

Who am I?

I am …

  • an introvert who wants to connect with more people like myself.
  • an architect, who is not happy with her work and planning to change her career.
  • a person who enjoys the simple beauties of life.
  • a nature lover, especially in love with the sunset!
  • a dream chaser, who wants to create and achieve her goals.
  • a person who likes to travel and discover new places.
  • and a survivor and fighter in this world who tries to find her path in life.
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